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Individual Psychotherapy

A process that is focused on helping the patient heal mentally and address problems or issues in a constructive manner.

Play Therapy

A type of therapy geared towards younger children that uses “play” to communicate with them, while resolving or preventing issues that may occur.

Grief/ Loss Counseling

Helps patients cope with grief that may occur due to a death of a loved one or a major change in their life that trigger feelings of grief or loss.

Anger Management

A process to learn and recognize signs of anger in order to take action in dealing with the situation and calm down in a positive way.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Therapy that focuses on changing an individual’s thought to change their behavior or emotional state.

Best Practices

Evaluations that are designed for determining if services are necessary for patients who have complex or psychological needs.

Family Therapy

A type of counseling that improves communications and conflicts within the family by addressing specific problems that affect them as a whole.

Psychological Assesments

An assessment that includes visual, written and verbal testing to determine a patient’s behavior, personality and capabilities.